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cooling in the sea and backstage pic with Coxy

As Coxy stood backstage, getting ready for her photoshoot, she couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. She had been modeling for years now, but this shoot was different. It was for a swimsuit campaign, and she would be posing in the clear blue waters of the sea. She had always loved the ocean, but the thought of being in front of the camera in such a vulnerable state made her palms sweat.

As she was getting her hair and makeup done, she could hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The salty smell of the sea filled the air, and Coxy couldn't resist peeking out the window to catch a glimpse of the beautiful view. Despite her nerves, she couldn't help but feel excited for the shoot.

As soon as she was ready, she made her way to the beach, where the crew was setting up for the shoot. The sun was shining down on her, and the sand was warm beneath her feet. She took a deep breath and reminded herself to relax and enjoy the experience.

The first few shots were taken on the shore, with Coxy posing in different swimsuits against the backdrop of the crystal clear water. The photographer and the crew were all professionals, and they made her feel comfortable and confident. But as the shoot progressed, it was time for Coxy to venture into the water.

At first, the cold water took her by surprise, and she let out a small shriek. But as she got used to it, she started to have fun. She splashed around, feeling the cool water against her skin, and the photographer captured some amazing shots.

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